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Date Request State
7 hours ago Can I request: Light and Shadow by Ryu hyang/Hee won? Thanks a lot! waiting for admin
1 day ago Why She Had to Go to the Duke by Milcha / Golae, please :) waiting for admin
1 day ago The Abandoned Empress by Ina / Yuna, please :) done
2 days ago Ichigo 100% vol 1 link shows "file not found" maybe rest vols are the same too done
2 days ago Shokugeki no soma volume 29 .... 31 done
3 days ago Ichigo 100% done
4 days ago Hajime no ippo done
4 days ago Would be cool to have all volumes download in one single link waiting for admin
4 days ago please upload Adekan done
1 week ago Log Horizon - Nishikaze no Ryodan done
1 week ago TLRD vol 1-8. Are no files now please sir done
1 week ago Hello sir the to love ru darkness file is no longer please reupload done
1 week ago lltK3X <a href="">hnymcjudstwh</a>, [url=]egggnlillwug[/url], [link=]lfojphnlwiul[/link], waiting for admin
1 week ago Hello. Could u upload Freak-Quency by Xero/Sakon? Thx for the hard work :) in progress